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Commercial vs Portrait Photography

March 03, 2018


I, often get asked what is the difference between portrait work and commercial work.   

Commercial photography involves taking the photographs for commercial usages.  These images are often used for the promotional marketing for the business including social media outlets, website placement, product previews, and business card or market material.   Typically the contract is between a company or small business and the photography business that are seeking a commercial usage license to be used above.   


Portrait photography is for personal use only by a individual.   These are to document a time in their life and not for high- traffic viewing area. 

Another big difference between the both is restrictions on personal art vs. commercial work.   Typically images are taken for marketing or publishing with usage license per year, cropping allowed and/or minor editing adjusting to be made.  

Commercial licenses are typically for usages of high resolution images to market their business where-as portrait work is typically wanting to print for their personal uses. 



Image shown of Commercial Work for Ray Allen K9 in Colorado. 

©Maddog K9 Photography Commercial Canine Photographer©Maddog K9 Photography Commercial Canine PhotographerCommercial Work Vs. Portrait Work