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Your Experience with Maddox & Co.   


 From the time you book a session until you receive your final products, Maddox & Co. excels the standards of boutique photography and offers one of the best services for a custom portrait photographer.   Your session is an event you will never forget.   Creating memories should be treasured.   From clothing, to locations, and all of the tiny details.   We provide an experience leaving you with excitement.  

Wiregrass Photographer What to expect and questions you may have upon booking your session



I am an on-location photographer.   Outdoor sessions can occur at any time of the year.  I will work with you to choose the best location to fit your custom portrait experience.  

We will spend some time at the beginning of your session getting comfortable.  I will take a mixture of lifestyle and posed.   If you would like more of a lifestyle please let me know at the time of your session and we can make it happen! 




* What should I wear?  For outfits: Whether you're going formal or casual, solid colors are a great. Try to avoid plaids, patterns, and head-to-toe black or white clothing—and keep the silhouettes streamlined. Some families and couples coordinate their clothing palettes to the point of looking a bit matchy, but there's no need to go overboard. If you're worried about color, pick a neutral and a few coordinating color tones you both like (gray with blue and violet for instance, or brown with pink and blue), and stick to those hues.
The details: Keep your jewelry ultra simple to avoid flashy distractions in your pics. Women should stick to unfussy earrings with a simple necklace or bracelet (or one statement piece)

* What if it rains/strong winds?   I love shooting in gentle rain as long as it isn't storming! Bring your umbrella! If you don't love the rain as much as I do, which is totally understandable, we can reschedule your session.   I will confirm prior to session for any rescheduling due to mother nature.   

* Where will portrait sessions take place, and what can I expect? - I love finding unique locations, especially when they require boots or off roading to get there, so if you are up for an adventure, so am I, let's chat!

* Can I bring my pet? I have no problem with you bringing a well behaved pet.  Please check the pet policy for the location that we will be at and let me know ahead of time if you plan on bringing your furry family member. Please do not take your pet off of their leash if there is a leash policy. It helps to bring along an extra person or kennel that can care for your pet while we do some photos without them too

 *  Am I allowed to post the photos to Facebook or Instagram? - Of course you are!   Please do! I love to see clients sharing their photos!  Please feel free to tag your name too.   


* Can I print my files? - All of my clients receive non-watermarked galleries in high resolution digital format. I give you these files as a sort of keepsake, for backing up, sharing to social media, creating holiday cards, etc. There is nothing preventing you from printing these files at a lab of your choice, but please know that I am available to help with custom orders. 

Please don't apply filters, but you are welcome to crop if you need to. Tag my business page if you can @maddoxandco